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On the upper part of this page, you will find various articles, booklets, pamphlets, etc. which have been published by The Remnant of Christ's Ecclesia. Please bear in mind that because this literature have been published over a span of several decades, the contact information provided in a particular document may no longer be correct. As such, if you would like to get in touch with us in regards to something you have read in one of these publications, please refer to our web site for current contact information.

On the lower part of this page you will find various other publications, which were not specifically produced by the Remnant of Christ's Ecclesia, such as works from Dr. Thomas, Robert Roberts, etc.

Publications created by the Remnant of Christ's Ecclesia:

A Few Names Even In Sardis (3 pages - 20K)
An examination of the necessity to withdraw from the unfaithful members of an ecclesia.

Are Christadelphians Astray? (21 pages - 1.1 MB)
An appeal to those (of the many sects) who call themselves the Brethren of Christ, to consider their true position in light of Christadelphian history.

The Doctrine of Fellowship (20 pages - 936K)
The Reader is asked to consider carefully the "Doctrine of Fellowship," as it is no less than the protector of all sound doctrine. Fellowship with God and His Son, with the salvation which this promises is impossible unless there is a correct understanding and application of the Doctrine of Fellowship. A community professing the Truth, who fails to apply the Doctrine soon becomes the "cage of every unclean and hateful bird." This is what happened to the early Ecclesias, resulting in the great apostasy of Christendom. Now this tragedy has been repeated. Those who were honoured by having the Truth in these latter days have disregarded the Doctrine of Fellowship and allowed heresy to rob them of the "pearl of great price."

The History of the Truth in the Latter Days (110 pages - 5.8 MB)
Originating as a series of articles in The Remnant magazine and initially published as a separate entity in 1958, this booklet traces the history of the Truth from its re-discovery by Dr. John Thomas to the Remnant of Christ's Ecclesia, with details given regarding the divisions and falling away of various ecclesias from the one true Body.

An Appendix to The History of the Truth in the Latter Days (23 pages - 1.1 MB)
The booklet, "The History of the Truth in the Latter Days" was intended for Christadelphians, and thus only a brief reference was made to the 1954 division, as this did not directly concern them. However, in response to inquiries, it became necessary to issue this booklet as an appendix, giving details of the 1954 division.

The Kingdom of God on Earth (2 pages - 12K)
The kingdoms of men will be replaced by the Kingdom of God.

The Lord's Table and Fellowship (4 pages - 16K)
An examination of participation at the Lord's table and fellowship.

The Personal Return of the Lord Jesus Christ (4 pages - 24K)
Certain signs and warnings not generally considered.

Prophecies of the Bible (20 pages - 792K)
"Fulfilled And Yet To Be Fulfilled With Particular Reference To The Nation Of Israel." An appeal to any who are concerned over the world situation, presented through a summary of God's prophecies revealing His purpose to be accomplished with this earth and its people.

Religious Doctrines Examined and Questioned (18 pages - 824K)
The ultimate destiny of man has been an age old question. Simply put, man has pondered, "What happens to me after I die?" Diverse philosophy, mythology, theology and spiritualistic thinking have concocted a variety of notions on this subject, giving rise to false theories within the religious community, ranging from reincarnation to cloud-riding angelic bliss. For those concerned with this subject and the resulting implications, this booklet has been provided which examines and questions various religious doctrines related to man's destiny.

The Remnant of Christ's Ecclesia (10 pages - 32K)
An introduction to The Remnant of Christ's Ecclesia (its origins, philosophy on use of the bible, places of worship, leadership duties and relationship to society)

Responsibility (1 page - 56K)
This chart shows what happens to man after death, based upon responsibility, baptism and faithfulness to God's commandments.

Some Doctrines to be Understood if One Seeks Salvation (3 pages - 12K)
Presents for consideration some biblical doctrines that should be understood by those who are interested in seeking salvation.

A Timely Question (3 pages - 16K)
The biblical position on divorce and remarriage.

What Does Belief in the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Name of Jesus Christ Imply? (2 pages - 8.0K)
This document presents an answer to the question posed by its title.

What is the Purpose and Message of the Bible? (8 pages - 396K)
It is the purpose of this booklet to point out a number of passages of scripture in order to help any who read the Bible with the necessary belief, to perceive its theme.

Other Helpful Publications:

Anastasis (46 pages - 2.6 MB)
Author: John Thomas, MD
A treatise on the judgement of the dead at the appearing of Christ, with reference to the nature of the body when it first emerges from the grave.

Anastasis Chart (Responsibility) (1 page - 92K)
This chart shows what happens to man after death, based upon responsibility, baptism and faithfulness to God's commandments. It is based on pages 40-43 of Anastasis. This is the same chart which is named "Responsibility" above, but with each class labeled to correspond to Dr. Thomas' definition.

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